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guess i took a summer break?


I came my website to check in and think about some updates I’d like to make and see that I haven’t posted anything new since June?! What in the world?! I do so apologize for the radio silence. I guess summer took hold and didn’t let go…which I am okay with actually. I do think of summer as a time to go outside and do things…have fun and be spontaneous. A lot of things got put on hold for a couple of months, and since I am on a perpetual teacher’s calendar – fall is as good a time as ever to hunker down and get refocused on projects, work, and priorities. So, here I am.

But first, here’s a little recap on what kept me away from this space:

Version 2

The creek/pizza in the cob oven. This was built on the farm last fall by some friends and family during the 4th Annual Mountain Run Jam, and was ready for some ‘zas by summer. And boy, they are quite good! Since I am gluten-free, I have to use a special crust that is never as good as I want it, but I’ve snagged a bite or two of “real” crust and man. I need to perfect that GF crust so I’m not jealous everytime. 😉


The lake. I spent a week at Smith Mountain Lake over July 4th to celebrate my niece’s birthday and then the traditional Independence Day fireworks show. It was so nice to be up there for this long – it’s the most time I’ve spent there since I was a kid and was able to remember certain things we used to do and places we used to go as kids which was so fun and good-feeling to think and talk about.


Petaline Trunk Show. New River Fiber Co. invited me up to Blacksburg for a Trunk Show in their knit & fabric shop. Holy moses, what a great space!! I set up my goods on an amazing wood table and hung around all day touching the most delicious yarn fibers. Really. That’s what I did. I enjoyed this type of setup and would definitely be into doing something like this again…as long as I can take this table with me….

Version 2

Hanging on the farm. I am so grateful that this is where I call home.


Family Beach Week. Every year, we pack up and head to Nags Head to put another tick mark on the tradition pole. It’s a total stress to get there (literally and physically), but once we do we surely make the most of it. Most days are spent with us lined up on the beach talking, reading, drinking, people-watching, eating, laughing…I’m even adding smoking cigars to the list this year thanks to my brother David’s recent trip to Paris. A couple other members floated in and out during the week, but I made it my mission to get a group shot this year. Even if it totally blurry and flawed…just like us. But we have fun anyway.

Version 2

Girls Trip to DC. My friend and I packed up for a weekend with my cousin in DC later in the summer. It had been a couple of years since I’ve been up here and forgot how fun it is to get off the farm and hit up a city. We had a great time trying out restaurants, walking around Georgetown, dipping in and out of places to grab snacks and/or drinks, and shopping. Everything I ate was quite delish and we had great weather for being outside when we wanted. I’d definitely like to go back soon…any recommendations for places to eat/drink/shop? I’d love to hear them in the comments!!


Back to the lake. We went back to celebrate Labor Day, but it was just for the long weekend. Fun, of course, but I’m definitely voting for more extended stays next summer. I never tire of the beauty of Smith Mountain Lake. If you’re in the area or looking for a vacation destination for next year, I would greatly recommend a visit.

…And then our farmschool started and here it is October. Time…such an annoying friend and a stranger at the same time.

I’d love to hear about some fun summer activities you took part in – let’s keep summer fresh for as long as we can!! Not sure if I’m quite ready for the cold…are you?