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Month: March 2016


Version 2


making newly-revamped foldover clutches for upcoming markets and a Rifle Paper Co.-inspired weaving

cooking coconut-oil fried eggs for a late brunch with myself

drinking coffee with a tiny tad of cream

reading My Guantanamo Diary, The Alchemist, A Rope and a Prayer…and many more….

wanting my house to be miraculously cleaned out and totally organized by tomorrow morning & my 2015 taxes gathered and filled out

playing past & current episodes of Outlander, Scandal, Girls & Shameless

wasting time playing on my iPad and phone…so bad

sewing fabric + leather foldover clutches and pouches

wishing for a lot of things to be worked out

enjoying time spent at home this weekend with the windows open and making things on the agenda

waiting for…what AM I waiting for?!

liking the new season of Girls so far – Hannah Horvath is ridiculous. And the Sanrio lover in me wants to visit Shosh’s apartment stat.

loving getting caught up on my projects…and my new haircut

hoping for answers and directions to present themselves to me

marveling at how quickly shit can pile up

needing some everyday shoes that are cute, comfortable, casual

smelling wafts from my coffee mug

wearing lounging pants and a flannel…could not be more comfortable if I tried

following @clementinedaily, @historyphotographed, @smithsonianzoo, @cestlebrie

noticing daffodils popping up everywhere

knowing that I. can. do. it.

thinking about spending the day with one of my favorite people who took the day off to hang with me in Charlottesville tomorrow

bookmarking Whole30/paleo recipes, PSE tutorials, clean plants for the home

opening my new Crafters Box arrival!!!

giggling about the coffee shop photog session from last week’s Girls episode…so hilar

feeling kinda rested, comfortable, and happy to the be in this space again!


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