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HI! My name is Johannah and I live in Sedalia, Virginia on my family’s working farm, lucky enough to be hugged by the Blue Ridge Mountains on a daily basis. I have a dog, Fern who would get under the top layer of my skin if she could. I am currently farmschooling my niece and nephew (2 of 8!) and part of this awesome new handmade movement that is pretty damn cool.

I started this blog in 2010, one night after talking with a college friend about her wedding invitations. She was pointing me to all of these wedding and stationery blogs and I remember getting all googly-eyed at the amount of fun bloggers seemed to be having designing and rounding up posts for their websites. I remember thinking, “I want to do this too!” So, I did a little research and decided on a free blogspot page to start. I did all of my own little logo graphics, and added buttons of my favorite bloggers and started to do a little writing. I felt like I just wanted to share parts of my life that weren’t being shared because basically, I just didn’t have anyone around me at the time who shared the same interests. Like, who was going to get the same excitement over washi tape in a small, farming community? Yeah…nope.

Then I moved over to a self-hosted site last year in the hopes to be a little bit more legit in my small business and have more freedom with future additions. So far, it had been pretty excited to transform this space into something I can see myself carrying on and growing from in the years to come! I don’t have an editorial calendar because I just like to work at my own pace, but I do drop in and plan on increasing my presence. I tend to get really flustered and insecure when I don’t feel like I’m following “rules” of what it should look like being a blogger, so I just make my own rules and roll out.

I opened my Etsy shop in 2009, selling handmade cards using stamps and scrapbooking supplies. I have been an avid paper collector, so making cards quickly became my jam. That evolved into making and selling mixed paper books which turned into designing wood stamps which somehow led me to making weavings and then sewing clutches and pouches. Phew. I spend my mornings working on my small business ventures and my afternoons homeschooling my niece and nephew in a room of the showbarn that we outfitted for school. I sell online and locally at markets and boutiques, and will begin teaching and organizing craft-related workshops on the farm, which I am super stoked about. Read more about the first one here.

I am a farmschooler, weaver, sewer, wood stamp designer, and constant seeker of simplicity.

I hope you are here out of honest interest in all things handmade and real. My life is definitely a work in progress, and I am excited that you are here to join me in the tidbits, inspirations, and makings that make it all worth it. Take with you the knowing that not everything is perfect, and it is all what you make of it. And humor always helps.

Look forward to meeting you!