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craft room happenings.

Spending a rainy day inthe craft room / studio / office / catch-all room and it feels super good. Matter of fact, I’m still in my jammies and loving every minute of it. These kind of days are the ones that keep this introvert going…the perfect balance for this busy season. And it wasn’t even supposed to happen! The Crafted Market got rescheduled due to the hurricane, so I have an impromptu weekend at home. I can’t think of a recent weekend where I didn’t have something I had to do, so I’m definitely taking advantage of the ‘free time.’


It’s my busiest market season because of the upcoming holidays so I’m using this time to catch up on some branding details, sewing gusseted corners, updating Etsy, emailing, and always cleaning out as I go. I still don’t feel like I’m making a dent in my to-do list, but I must be doing something because my highlighter has been busy marking off things in my planner. I’m working on building up inventory so I’m not caught up in my procrastination ways (even though that will happen anyway…) as unexpected things pop up or I just get too busy in the day-to-day happenings. Some new embellished notebooks are coming to the shop very soon, so I’m about to start getting those taken care of so I can list them and get some out to brick-and-mortars that carry my goodies. They probably cross a few lines but whatevs…I felt a need to shake things up a little.

Version 2

Speaking of new additions…there will be a couple of new stamps coming out for the season that will work great with the stationery packs that will be available at markets. I’ve got a fun ‘Thank you’ stamp and a new & improved ‘Kindly Deliver To’ stamp that I’m really diggin.’ And then I went ahead and got a few, small ‘Fuck It’ stamps just for fun. I might add a couple more but that’s what I have coming down the pipe as of now. I don’t think I’m going to do any new 2016 Holiday stamps, but a holiday surprise having to do with my beloved paper-crafting that will be available in-person at markets and local stores if inventory will allow. It’s something I’ve been wanting to have available for some time now and I’m actually organized enough to finally make it happen! I’m sure I’ll be posting some sneaks in the next couple of weeks.


Have a great weekend!

market time: olde liberty fibre faire

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to a local fibre market here in Bedford County called the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire. I remember going to this market once or twice when it was held at the Sedalia Center across the road, but I hadn’t been to it in a few years. I actually didn’t realize it was the same event until I started talking to folks. Whoops! I couldn’t wait to go and touch and everything.

This market was one of the main reasons for the ‘maker’ stamps – I applied for the event with my ‘writer’ stamps and weaves – but they wrote back requested some stamps having to do with knitting and fiber arts as a whole. I mean, what a great idea! I loved the idea of being sort of a ‘supply stop’ at the event, not to much having to do with materials, but supplies for promoting handmade. Plus, it was a chance for me to go outside of my letter-filled comfort zone and try out other design ideas. It was a challenge I was certainly up for!





Another fun thing I did for this event was recruit my Mom to help me prep a bunch of foldover clutches, but I switched things up and promoted them as ‘Project Bags,’ which were quite popular! Folks loved the fabrics and the idea of just packing up a knitting or crocheting project and hitting the road. And then when you get to your destination, unload your project and go out for a date night. 😉


All in all, this was a fun day out in the community, the weather was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing folks out searching for those “gotta have it” materials for their next projects. Meeting business owners in the fiber world was also pretty exciting. There was one conversation in particular about teaming up with their knit shop for a trunk show, so I’ll be sure and share the details when we can figure it all out. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be involved in the Fibre Faire this year, and look forward to watching it grow.

If you get a chance to go next year, I would definitely recommend it – I hope it continues for years to come.