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beginner’s weaving workshop / june 26th.

IMG_1732I am so excited to offer a Beginner’s Weaving Workshop at Mountain Run Farm on June 26th at 2pm! This is a 3-hr beginner’s weaving workshop where you will learn how to make your very own woven wall hanging. If weaving is something that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t know where to start, this class will be a perfect first step. We will go over the basics together and various beginner techniques will be demonstrated on a larger loom to provide an opportunity for everyone to see, while gathered around a large table in our farm store nestled in the shadows of the Blue Ridge. This is a great opportunity to learn the fine fiber art of weaving, while snacking and sipping on some treats amongst fellow budding weavers.

Version 2

We will start with how to gather supplies, choose yarns, and set up your loom. You will learn how to warp your loom, various weaving techniques with demonstrations, and finishing. The class will be broken up into stages with demonstrations on a large loom for all techniques, along with plenty of time to work on your own weaving, enjoy snacks + bevs, and socialize!

What you will get (besides an afternoon of fun):

– repurposed handmade wooden lap loom (made by a local carpenter)
– tapestry needle + scissors + hanging rod
– warping thread
– multi-colored yarns
– snacks + bevs
– project tote bag
– step-by-step instructions to get started on your very own weaving and complete at home


Plus, 10% of all proceeds will go straight to The Surfrider Foundation’s Campaign: ‘Protect our Atlantic’ to help stop negative governmental impact on our local ocean.

Workshops are $75 with a very limited class size, so don’t hesitate to sign up here today!

off the loom, vol.1

One of my favorite things about weavings lately is the before picture of my color palette. I thought it would be fun to do a volume series of the before & afters and tell any sort of thoughts or stories about the weaves. If you follow me on Instagram (@petaline), then you’ve already seen these, but I’m usually brief in my comment so now you’ll get to find out a little more about them! So, welcome to Off the Loom, Volume 1.


Now this was a fun one…if you couldn’t tell. It’s actually pretty crazy close up, but so full of 70s vintage life. And that wasn’t my intention, it just sort of happened with the colors. That roving at the top right of the palette is my absolute FAVE…so pretty and fun to work with. I have to make a conscious effort to not grab it when I go searching for yarns. Top left was picked up at the Olde Liberty Fiber Faire from my friends at New River Fiber Co. and would be divine to knit with and such a bold, beautiful color. And then the bottom two yarns on the left were gifted to me by family members, so they were pretty special to work with. I always love people connections with the yarns I choose for certain pieces. This was one of those that started out and certain way and took a total turn into something far off from where I thought it was going. And that is what makes it so special to me. I took it off the loom and had to run it through my sewing machine to keep it all together!! I’m telling you, it has a mind of its own!!


And this was an intense one…but I’ve taken it off the market I love it so much. It’s the full size of my smaller lap loom, which is pretty much the perfect size. I like to play around with sizes, so I haven’t made another one this exact size, but it’s in the near future. I had just come back from the beach when I started this (hence the color story), and since I was documenting my Week In the Life during the main time I was working on it, I clocked in over 17 hours of weave time. Really put the craft into perspective…although this one did have quite a few embellishments added into it with the little fur balls on each side & top middle. And I was keeping it symmetrical which takes careful time, and I think I took out a couple rows of something that just wasn’t vibing right. I bought a sample pack of the yarns on the left, and knew I wanted to incorporate every color – which I didn’t achieve…the hunter green never found a spot. But that’s okay. Loving that strip of neon. This one makes me so happy, so for now…she’s a keeper.


And this was a quick one. I knew I wanted to use earthy, fall-inspired colors that could work well in a more masculine-friendly space and I knew I wanted to throw in these wooden balls. I’d say it was a success! I love these colors together and the balls add a little woodsy flair to it that’s always fun. These might pop up again in the future. 😉 Here’s that favorite roving again – such a joy to work with and adds so much texture to the piece. But the main story to this one is the forged hanger. My 10-year-old nephew has been messing around/being mentored at our farm forge, and I asked him about making some hangers for my weavings. Within a week I had a handful of them and knew this completed weave was a perfect match to show off my nephew’s work. Wouldn’t you agree?